Introducing a new account structure on Liquid

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Introducing a new account structure on Liquid

Liquid is committed to a more open and inclusive financial system. This means making our platform more accessible while ensuring that we are compliant with the multi-jurisdictional requirements of markets we operate in.

Aimed at individuals new to cryptocurrency, our new Basic Account provides you with an easy route to buying your first cryptocurrency on a platform you can trust.

The New Basic Account on Liquid

The new Basic Account allows you to try out most of Liquid’s features, including trading. Depending on the country/jurisdiction of your residence, Basic Account holders are able to withdraw limited amounts of crypto. Currently, a Basic Account can withdraw up to USD2,000e crypto per day, and USD20,000e per month.

To upgrade your account and access the full suite of Liquid products and services, you just need to complete the verification process by confirming your identity and address. A Verified account provides a more enhanced way to experience the full benefits of the Liquid platform.

Here’s how a Basic account stacks up against a Verified account on Liquid.

Basice Account 2

Only users from supported countries are eligible for a Basic Account.

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