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New: Liquid Buy and Swap ⚡️

Purchasing cryptocurrency is easier than ever, with the introduction of Liquid’s Buy and Swap service.

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Purchasing cryptocurrency is easier than ever, with the introduction of Liquid’s Buy and Swap service.

You can now use the Liquid Buy feature to instantly purchase up to 150 cryptocurrencies with Visa debit or credit card. The Liquid Swap function (previously Quick Exchange), which many of you will already be familiar with, allows our users to swap fiat and crypto, instantly -- no trading knowledge required. 

Buy Crypto Instantly with Visa Card Support

The Latest Innovation from Liquid

Liquid has operated since 2014 and is a leader in the field of cryptocurrency exchange. Liquid has always prioritized providing the easiest, speediest and most secure cryptocurrency services to its users, and the new Buy and Swap Visa card support is a major step to further support crypto traders big and small.

International Support

Liquid Buy and Swap is currently supported across; Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia, with further international support to follow in Q3 2020.

Follow us on Twitter to be updated as soon as this happens.

Try Liquid’s Buy and Swap feature today for easier and faster crypto trading than ever before.

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