Introducing temtum - an advanced blockchain payment coin

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Cryptocurrency adoption is the long term goal, but how far away are we?

The foundations are there - that’s undeniable. An entire decade has been spent building and growing cryptocurrency. But adoption still isn’t here. Some of the worlds smartest minds have spent the best part of ten years trying to build a global decentralized cryptocurrency and we’re not there yet.

To take the next step forward, blockchain technology needs to adapt and evolve according to consumer needs. A new cryptocurrency called temtum could be the solution.

temtum - the most advanced blockchain payment coin?

temtum (TEM) is a new, technologically advanced cryptocurrency that aims to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world by setting new standards in security, speed, scalability and efficiency.

The name ‘temtum’ comes from the combination of two terms that represent key aspects of TEM. ‘tem’ represents the temporal blockchain on which the network runs and ‘tum’ refers to quantum randomness.

Let’s take a look at what makes temtum so interesting.

Low energy consumption

The largest and most well known cryptocurrency Bitcoin is no stranger to energy consumption concerns. Sceptics are very quick to note that consuming large amounts of power every day to maintain a network may very well be unsustainable, especially if a Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency were scaled to the extent of a global currency.

That’s why temtum is specifically designed to be a greener blockchain solution. The unique consensus algorithm of temtum doesn’t require high end computing hardware for transaction confirmations, significantly reducing the energy consumption.

The temporal blockchain means that nodes only store data for a short amount of time and transactions are note sent to every node, just the leader node. Less storage and processing power uses less energy than other blockchain solutions and also enables low powered devices to participate in the network.

High speed

For a cryptocurrency to become a widely accepted payment solution it needs to be fast. TEM block confirmations take just 12 seconds, rendering TEM transactions nearly instant, regardless of transaction size.

Infinitely scalable

Fast transactions are great, but the network has to be capable of processing many at once to become scalable.

In a lab environment, the Temporal network has achieved 120,000 transactions per second, which they suggest is far from it’s full potential. The temtum team claim that the network scalability is ever increasing and theoretically unlimited, since the speed is influenced by the scale of the network. These speeds blow rival blockchains out of the water.

Highly secure

temtum is a quantum secure decentralized network. The Temporal network uses a stable method for generating randomness, unpredictability, autonomy, and consistency to create a key that is theoretically impossible to precompute. Temporal's quantum mechanics and the use of light over processors creates a new level of randomness never before seen in computing.

The Temporal network has been tested by BSI, a Crest accredited firm, multiple times and has been shown to be highly robust and secure.

Is temtum the cryptocurrency that has it all?

Find out more by diving into the whitepaper. When you’re ready, TEM is available for trading on Liquid.

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