Introducing ThreeFold: a true P2P internet distributed globally

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Since the inception of the Internet, the world has truly changed. Information is shared freely, communication has vastly improved, and the planet is more connected than ever before.

However, today’s Internet faces many challenges. Nearly half of the world remains unconnected despite the UN declaring internet access to be a human right in 2016. Some governments regularly impose Internet restrictions or shutdowns, while others are attempting to create closed-off internets of their own. And the internet today is controlled by less than twenty giant centralized companies that own the majority of web servers and services, and own and profit off of our data. As a result, manipulation, misinformation, and censorship aren’t just possibilities – they’re a reality.

This is where ThreeFold comes in.

The first global peer-to-peer internet

ThreeFold was born from the realization that we need a better internet for our planet and for humanity and is driven by three core values: equality, autonomy, & sustainability. 

ThreeFold is building a neutral internet that connects the world, enabling autonomy to its users, and acting as a more sustainable solution for our planet. The distributed nature of the network reinforces its security and lowers its energy consumption. And costs are 70% lower than comparable centralized options.

By simplifying the architecture of the Internet and creating game-changing autonomous technology that reduces the need for human involvement, ThreeFold has created a new internet, owned by everyone.

The ThreeFold Grid is a neutral, peer-to-peer network of storage and compute capacity, the largest of its kind in the world. It is the foundation and backbone of the new internet. More than 40,000,000 GB and 15,000 CPU cores are live today on the ThreeFold Grid, across 21+ countries. To ThreeFold’s knowledge, this is more than all other blockchain projects combined.

TFT is a purpose-driven token

The ThreeFold Token (TFT) is the token of the new internet, each token representing a unit of reservation of capacity on the ThreeFold Grid.

Tokens are issued through a process called farming. No wasteful mining takes place – all farming is usable as internet capacity. Tokens are generated only when capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid by independent ThreeFold Farmers.

TFTs are the medium of exchange, used to buy autonomous and decentralized Internet services (storage and compute) on the ThreeFold Grid. Each transaction is powered autonomously which ensures the neutrality, scalability, and security of transactions on top of the ThreeFold Grid. Thus, the token is fast and green, with low energy consumption, and economical – only 0.01 cent network fees.

The TFT was launched without any ICO/IEO. Each and every token is the result of internet capacity being added to the ThreeFold Grid.

Starting June 1st, 2020, you will be able to purchase and trade TFT on Liquid with the following pairs: TFT/BTC and TFT/USDT.

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An Internet that empowers equality, freedom, and sustainability. An open ecosystem. Game-changing technology. Distributed in 21 countries and expanding.