A look into Unibright, a blockchain solution provider

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Unibright is a blockchain solutions provider enabling enterprise blockchain integration, tokenization and much more. The Unibright token, an ERC-20 utility token, serves as a voucher for core Unibright products and consulting services.

In this post, we’ll look at how Unibright is advancing with its wide array of products and collaborative efforts.

Blockchain-Business Integration with the Unibright Framework

Unibright is built around the Unibright Framework, a blockchain-business integration platform built for enterprise adoption. With a set of templates containing essential business logic for major blockchains, the framework leverages reusability to offer customers fast and affordable blockchain integration solutions. The platform's unique selling propositions include a visual drag-and-drop tool for designing smart contracts without the need to write a single line of code and numerous smart adapters for connecting to customers' existing IT systems.

End-to-End Tokenization with Unibright Freequity

An upcoming offering from the Unibright team is Freequity, an all-in-one 360° tokenization platform designed to handle token issuance, custody, liquidity and more. The team places great importance on regulatory compliance, so Freequity will also include a legal basis on which to define and implement compliant smart contracts for tokenization. As in the case of the Unibright Framework, this reusability-driven approach creates massive time and cost savings for customers.

Advancing Ethereum with EMINENT

Together with Chainlink and Anyblock Analytics, Unibright plays a leading role in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance's task force EMINENT (Ethereum Mainnet Integration for Enterprises). A chief goal of EMINENT is to research and develop strategies for bridging the gap between centralized business systems and smart contract implementations. With significant experience from the Unibright Framework, it's no surprise Unibright is a leading member of the initiative.

More information can be found at unibright.io and on the Unibright Blog.

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