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Token sales have become a key part of cryptocurrency, but taking part is often constrained within the limits of the usability of the platform.

It's about time that changed.

Normally when you go to participate in a token sale, you have to provide your personal details to a company you don’t know. Then to access the sale, you need to pick a funding option, most often Ethereum, or sometimes Bitcoin or other currencies.

It can be a real pain. If you don't have any Ethereum spare, you have to go through a separate purchase process prior to being able to invest in the token sale.

This is a pain point for token sale participation that we set out to address with the Liquid token sale platform.

On Liquid, we now have a number of different funding options for token sales – and we plan to keep adding to the ways you can invest so we can provide ultimate flexibility to our clients.

Investors shouldn’t need to feel constrained.

In the Liquid token sale market, you can use BTC, ETH, BCH and QASH, as well as US dollars. This makes us one of the very few token sale platforms that allows investors to buy tokens directly with fiat.

We believe this is a huge step forward for flexibility.

“Most token sale investors probably hold crypto. As the market grows past early adopters, Liquid is enabling participation in a new class of investor who may not have been part of this asset class and may only hold fiat/USD.” - Liquid Head of Global Operations, Seth Melamed

Take part in quality token sales on Liquid on your own terms. Buying and selling cryptocurrency should always be a simple task.

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