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Meet Emily Rose - Leader, Connector, Problem-solver (Clone)

What got you into cryptocurrency? Do you see yourself in this industry for the rest of your career?

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What got you into cryptocurrency? Do you see yourself in this industry for the rest of your career?

I first became aware of crypto and its infamous use case, silk road, back in 2013 when my friends and I were trying Bitcoin out via Tor, then forgot about it for a few years until I was at a coworking space in Bali in 2015 who had a Bitcoin ATM and where we were able to pay for our membership using Bitcoin.

Then just after I met Matt Aaron at Bitcoin.com who needed someone to help them with marketing and the rest is history. I don’t think I could ever work in another industry ever again- nothing is as exciting as blockchain and crypto.

Do you think women are getting a fair share in the crypto space? Among things such as jobs, leadership positions, or influence? What changes do you hope to see in the future?

Not always, especially not in leadership roles. I am part of The Bigger Pie, a group of women in senior roles who are helping those who want to move into leadership/ exec roles by providing the training, coaching, and support needed to get them there. If we don’t have women at the forefront, then we won’t see as many women join the space, at least not in the heavy technical roles.

What’s one of the most interesting projects you’ve seen on Polygen?

I am a bit biased but of course Polygen - the first truly decentralized launchpad where projects are free to innovate, experiment and launch their ventures with no gatekeepers. Anyone can launch any project. Projects have complete freedom to decide how much they want to raise, and in the next iterations, what auction mechanism they want to use, how they do their tiering, and they can operate any Project round (seed, private, public).

We also have something new called ‘ Liquidity Seeding’ which helps projects raise initial capital - this can be led entirely by the community. If a project is seeded by the community, we can probably guarantee they’re of high quality. 

Any advice for someone who wants to start their own enterprise on Polygen? 

We don’t offer enterprises but we do offer raises. If you want to be a featured project, contact us at admin@polygen.io. If you want your project to be considered for a community vote to raise, post in our Telegram group, and if you want to raise permissionless then watch this space, that feature will be added very soon.

How was your experience at Liquid? What are the things you enjoyed doing while working here? 

Liquid was awesome. I had the chance to basically build my dream marketing team, lead product initiatives with impressive results and work with super incredible product leaders. I learned so much from that team and apply it in everything I do today.

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