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Liquid January roundup

Crypto and Liquid hit the ground running in 2020. Here’s the roundup of all updates, releases and developments from Liquid in January.
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Crypto and Liquid hit the ground running in 2020. Here’s the roundup of all updates, releases and developments from Liquid in January.

Liquid Perpetuals Closed Beta

Liquid Perpetuals is our new derivatives trading product that will facilitate the trading of perpetual Bitcoin contracts.

Liquid Perpetuals is currently in closed beta. If you’d like to join the beta you can sign up here. We're offering the chance to win one month of fee-less trading for those that try it out and provide us product feedback.

What are perpetual contracts?

When trading perpetual contracts on Liquid you are trading contracts based on the price of BTC. 

A perpetual contract has no expiry date and has no interest fees. Instead, a funding swap occurs between all open perpetual long and short contracts on Liquid. Perpetual BTC contracts are represented by the 'P-BTC' ticker on Liquid.

World Book Update

Back in November we updated you on the World Book, with the exciting news that External World Book testing was underway. The testing was going well and we were pleased with the results. However, due to a priority shift, External World Book testing was temporarily halted as all teams were heavily focused on the construction of Liquid Perpetuals.

Testing and final implementation has now resumed and we have a nearby internal deadline for the final release in our sights. The External World Book is a very important product for us and we believe it will complement the upcoming Liquid Perpetuals.

Introduced Post Only Limit Orders

Post Only orders are Limit Orders that are only accepted if they will not immediately execute, removing any possibility of a limit order being a ‘taker’. Post Only orders are only available via API. All API documentation regarding Post Only orders can be found here.

Tick size changes

We recently updated the tick size structure on Liquid. For context, ‘tick size’ refers to the smallest price increment in which the prices are quoted on Liquid.

The full list of the new minimum tick sizes for every trading pair on Liquid is available to view here.

By updating our tick sizes we anticipate improved system performance and a liquidity improvement.

Partnered with Quadency

We proudly announced that Liquid has officially partnered with Quadency. As a Liquid user you can now connect your account to Quadency and make the most of their services.

Quadency is a cryptocurrency trading management platform packed with powerful, easy to use tools that can help you manage your cryptocurrency investments and trades. Find all the information you need, reach conclusions and execute on your decisions from one dashboard.

Re-added SEPA support

Euro deposits and withdrawals can now be faster and cheaper if you use SEPA with Liquid. Please note that Euro deposits and withdrawals via SEPA on Liquid have now been migrated to our new partner, International Business Settlement (IBS).

As a result, the bank details for Euro (SEPA) deposits to Liquid have changed. Do not attempt to send Euro deposits to the previous SEPA address. Please check the deposit screen carefully for the new bank account details and instructions.

Listed Rupiah Token (IDRT)

IDRT is the first stablecoin backed 1:1 with Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), aiming to mimic the value of the Indonesian Rupiah. Although Liquid no longer supports Indonesia Rupiah, Indonesian users can now use IDRT as an alternative option to fund their Liquid account with Indonesian Rupiah.

IDRT provides Liquid users the opportunity to use IDR directly to purchase and receive IDRT on Liquid in a matter of minutes. In essence, this new listing enables a new fiat on-ramp into Liquid, noting that users will receive IDRT, not IDR on Liquid. Users can also swap IDRT 1:1 for IDR and withdraw directly to their bank account.

Announced partnership with blockchain security firm CertiK

Drawing from years of experience, CertiK will leverage its expertise to help projects aiming to list on Liquid follow regulations, conduct due diligence, and build trust with their communities.

CertiK will help us provide the best platform for our users as the go-to smart contract auditor, providing outstanding third-party due diligence for potential listings on Liquid.

Listed temtum (TEM)

temtum (TEM) is a new, technologically advanced cryptocurrency that aims to become the most used cryptocurrency in the world by setting new standards in security, speed, scalability and efficiency. TEM is now live for trading on Liquid.

Lunar New Year Giveaway

Over Lunar New Year we teamed up with Celsius Network, Quadency, Saga and Axie Infinity to host a four day long competition to reward regular users of Liquid.

In total the available prizes were:

  • 7,104 CEL
  • 3,552 SGA
  • One Quadency Pro membership
  • 15 Axies

Thank you to everyone that took part in this competition. Winners will be contacted shortly. If you didn’t win, watch out for the next competition

Another chance to win

Unfortunately we had an issue on the fourth day of our Lunar New Year giveaway which prevented users from entering. We will be offering something special to make it up to you - we’ll be in touch with more information soon.

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