Liquid joins the nahmii Foundation

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We are proud to announce that Liquid has joined the nahmii Foundation, which will govern the world’s first commercially-viable blockchain scaling and interoperability solution: nahmii. Liquid will become the third member of the Foundation, after hubii (developers of nahmii) and NBX (Norwegian Block Exchange).

Read on to find out more about nahmii, the Foundation and how you can pick up a 15 USD Qash bonus by taking part in the nahmii IEO on Liquid.

Meet the nahmii Foundation

Liquid joins hubii and NBX as a founding member of the nahmii Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for the development and ongoing health of the protocol. Foundation members are responsible for managing 20% of nahmii’s NII tokens, ensuring a level of decentralization necessary for the nahmii protocol to operate trustlessly.

In joining the Foundation, Liquid will play a key role in the future of the protocol; as a voice in the Foundation, a node, developer and director of nahmii’s future.

As a Foundation member, Liquid will explore tangible use cases for the nahmii protocol within our portfolio of products. The partnership recognises that nahmii is one of the few infrastructure projects that can help blockchain deliver on the immense potential of the technology.

What is nahmii?

With a name formed from a combination of the Japanese word for wave, nami, and the Thai word for water, nahm, nahmii is a second-layer scaling protocol built on the Ethereum mainnet. nahmii works with any smart-contract-enabled blockchain and will soon be ported to Bitcoin (Q1 2020) using RSK (Rootstock).

Once live on both Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, nahmii’s layer 2 will act as an interoperability layer, enabling atomic swaps between the two disparate blockchains.

nahmii is compatible with any smart contract-enabled blockchain, with further plans to bring nahmii to Libra, NEO and others.

Unlike other scaling projects, nahmii is live and ready to use today. In addition to solving the problem of throughput, nahmii also addresses issues of fee predictability, latency and finality.

  • Throughput on nahmii is designed to scale both vertically and horizontally; each wallet connected to nahmii will enjoy a minimum of 15 transactions per second, with no limit on the number of wallets connected to the protocol.
  • Transaction fees are fixed and known in advance, providing the predictable fee structure missing from Ethereum and Bitcoin today.
  • Transaction latency is ultra-low – in the order of milliseconds.
  • Transaction finality on nahmii means that users can be confident that their transaction is final as soon as they see a public receipt, unlike the probabilistic finality of most blockchains.

Taken together, this holistic approach to scaling gives nahmii an edge over the competition in terms of commercial viability.

The use cases for this technology are wide and varied: mobile money, loyalty/rewards points, in-game items, trustless trading on a nahmii-powered exchange and many more.

To learn more about the innovative nahmii protocol, visit

NII Tokens

The nahmii protocol is fully tokenized through the NII token, with 98% of transaction fees accruing to token holders.

NII tokens are also the only token accepted for staking into nahmii’s various on-chain Oracles, with the first Oracle going live in the next 48 hours. This Oracle will be part of a public test of a small part of the system, with 1,000,000 USD worth of bounties and rewards available for participants. Read more on nahmii’s Oracle and its 1,000,000 USD bounty program.

As the ecosystem grows, the value for companies building products on nahmi grows exponentially and we can foresee a time when nahmii will become a default choice for many forms of digital products.

Established partnerships

Liquid is in good company as a founding member of the the nahmii Foundation. Fellow member Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) works with Norwegian Air – the world’s biggest low-cost airline – to provide payment processing services and CashPoints used in Norwegian’s loyalty program.

In other big news, hubii announced a partnership with Microsoft during a high-profile event in Oslo on September 12. Microsoft will bring nahmii to thousands of Microsoft Azure customers as a solution to help ease the development of blockchain-based products. Read more about the event here.

nahmii IEO

To celebrate this partnership, Liquid and nahmii have decided to extend the nahmii IEO sale until September 30th 3PM JST, with an exclusive 20% NII bonus for all token buyers and 15 USD in Qash to newly-registered buyers! Just buy your tokens as normal at the link below and we’ll add the Qash to your account once the sale ends.


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