Liquid Pro Product Update 1.1.10

In Product

We are excited to release version 1.1.10 of the Liquid Pro App.

The new version of the Liquid Pro app includes our Quick Exchange feature which allows users to easily convert from one currency to another.

We have also improved the design of the markets screen and implemented performance improvements to optimize the presentation of real-time data throughout the app.

If you haven’t downloaded our application yet, we invite you to download it and try it out:

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  • Quick Exchange feature to easily convert from one currency to another with many supported currencies.


  • Added CEL, TPAY, and CRYPT trading pairs in the mobile app.
  • Fixed crashes in order manager.
  • Updated menu design to prevent scrolling and hidden options on small devices.
  • Optimized real time data and loading.

Be heard

The changes and improvements we make come from requests and ideas from our active users.

We encourage you to provide feedback so you can help shape the product.To share your feedback join our telegram group and propose feature ideas on our product board.

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