Liquid Roundup: New features and updates you might have missed

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At Liquid the building never stops. We’re working around the clock to bring our traders the most cutting edge, useful tools available in the crypto-sphere today. Our customers come first in everything we do, every decision we make and every product we build.

We like to keep things fresh at Liquid, so from October we’re making some changes to the content we provide our community. Moving forward we have a new monthly post, Liquid Roundup, in which we take a look at some of the highlights from our recent product updates and inform you about all the ways we’re revamping the Liquid user experience.

What’s new at Liquid

Liquid Vision: an all-in-one dashboard to streamline your trading experience

We just released phase one of Liquid Vision, a trading dashboard with everything you need, at your fingertips. Easily manage and track your Liquid portfolio in one place.

We have awesome new features available:

  • Quick links to deposit, trade, withdraw and swap assets.
  • Manage your crypto holdings straight from the dashboard.
  • Monitor your live orders and positions.
  • Watch the moves of your favorite tokens.

Check out the walkthrough below for an overview of what’s on offer, then have a play around yourself.

Liquid vision

Try Liquid Vision

Set Stop Loss and Take Profit at order entry

Following feedback from our customers, we honed in on our advanced trading options. Traders on Liquid can now set Take Profit and Stop Loss when creating orders.

This added flexibility can help traders more effectively hedge, manage risk and protect capital when trading with leverage on Liquid.

With this level of control, you’ll be fully prepared to react whichever way the market moves, even if it moves against you.

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Isolated Margin

The addition of Isolated Margin mode means leverage traders now have an additional weapon in their arsenal to help protect their balances.

With Isolated Margin, margin is placed into a single position that is completely isolated from all other positions. If you are liquidated, your entire balance will still be intact. 😅 In many cases, this is the safer choice, but all traders should take the time to learn about the difference between Cross Margin and Isolated Margin.

Discover Isolated Margin

We’re going to be giving you a push

Building a business around our customers means communicating in different and more frequent ways. We’ll soon be bringing push notifications to the Liquid Pro mobile app for those who rely on it for their trading. You’ll never need to worry about missing an update, email, listing or the latest news from Liquid. We’ll push important information straight to your mobile device.

Not a Liquid Pro user?

Download the app today and see why pro-traders are increasingly using mobile, to make their winning moves.

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Partner spotlight: Liquid joins the nahmii Foundation

After the successful conclusion of the nahmii IEO on Liquid, we were thrilled to announce that Liquid is joining hubii and the Norwegian Blockchain Exchange as a founding member of the nahmii Foundation.

Read all about this partnership and find out more about how nahmii is bringing scalability to blockchain.

We’ll be launching trading of NII tokens soon. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know.

Come say konnichiwa in Tokyo!

Have you been following the rugby? Even if rugby’s not your thing, come hang out with us in Tokyo for beers and crypto talk while the rugby’s on.

Have any feedback, questions or thoughts? Join the conversation on Twitter, Telegram or on our subreddit.

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