Introducing Liquid Tap: our new WebSocket service for streaming real-time data

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Pro-traders demand the best tools. That’s why we’ve built Liquid Tap, our proprietary WebSocket service, offering the lowest possible latency and jitter for streaming real-time data.

Liquid Tap represents the future of real-time data distribution at Liquid and is intended to be a “drop-in” replacement for the existing hosted service, Pusher.

🗓️ Pusher will be decommissioned shortly. All API traders should migrate to Liquid Tap now. Find out how here.Turn On The Tap

What’s in it for me?

With Liquid Tap, we aim to boost your trading performance:

  • Timely delivery of market data during volatility.
  • Lowest latency and jitter to enable trading with certainty.
  • High availability provides the level of resiliency traders demand.


How do I get started?

Our API documentation details authenticated and unauthenticated usage, client libraries, and public and private channels.

Available now, API traders are encouraged to migrate and can optionally take advantage of client libraries which already implement the Liquid Tap API:

Turn On The Tap

Need help? See our FAQ in the Liquid Help Center, reach out to us with questions or feedback at or discuss with your account manager today.

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Mark Hammond

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