Liquid 2019: The Path Ahead

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By Liquid Co-Founders Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez Lozada

Throughout the last year we have laid the foundations required for Liquid to flourish in 2019. Our team, product and determination are stronger than ever. We will continue to carefully manage our resources so we can remain flexible and efficient, regardless of external factors.

Our mission remains:

To make financial services accessible for all.

To do this, we strive to become the world’s largest fintech providing exceptional products powered by blockchain technology.

As we look to the year ahead, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the exciting new features in development that will help strengthen our core product.

Liquid Exchange


When looking at solutions to improve our withdrawal processes, we always maintain that security cannot be compromised in any way. As 100% of client assets are stored in cold storage on Liquid, withdrawals are currently processed manually. This year we will be introducing new technology that will allow us to process withdrawals much faster while also maintaining our high standards of security.


Payment speed and flexibility are core fundamentals of cryptocurrency. In a push to increase the accessibility of crypto we are going to be introducing credit and debit card deposits this year, initially for Euro, US Dollar and Japanese Yen.

Quick Buy

The first step into crypto can be daunting to newcomers. To improve accessibility and make new users feel at home, we are working on a Quick Buy service that will allow users to purchase crypto without the need to understand charts, order books or order types. Simply choose what you want to buy and how much of it you want.

Liquid App

Currently, Japanese Liquid users have access to the Liquid Lite app, on which we are planning to launch CFD trading. Meanwhile, global users are still able to use the Quoinex app to access Liquid on mobile.

We will be releasing the Liquid Pro app for iOS and Android for global users this year. The design and user interface of the Liquid Pro app has been built with the same philosophy as The simplicity is perfect for new users, while all the powerful features that a pro user requires are packed inside.

Liquid Infinity

Liquid Infinity will be a new product specifically tailored for professional traders. Liquid Infinity is our name for Perpetual Swaps, which are essentially futures contracts with no expiry or settlement. Liquid infinity will have its own separate market that will allow us to offer higher leverage and enhanced risk management.

Liquid Vision

Some people like to share, compare and compete with their friends and others. Liquid Vision will be a suite of social features that will allow traders on Liquid to follow others, post their achievements, appear on leaderboards, monitor their portfolio and follow news. It will be a great way to build a community and introduce engagement between users.

Digital Security Offerings

The crypto token market is constantly evolving. We started with fully decentralized cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, followed by a wave of utility tokens. Security tokens are set to be the next big thing. We plan to integrate security tokens in the Liquid platform. We are already applying for the necessary licenses to make this a reality.

Liquid Distributed Ledger

It is ironic that blockchain-based businesses like Liquid and most other crypto exchanges are still reliant on centralized technology for back-office and finance processing.

Ideally, the entire Liquid platform (including transaction processing, clearance and settlement, and entity finance systems) would be housed on the forthcoming Liquid Distributed Ledger (LDL), but we recognize that this is currently somewhat aspirational.

Liquid is committed to being customer centric while staying compliantly bold. We see a great opportunity to deliver on these commitments by moving parts of Liquid's functionality to LDL.

We want to have significant parts of the exchange running as dapps – distributed and transparent code, yet allowing private and properly secured transactions, using the latest cryptographic technology.

The first dapp offering on the LDL will be an end-to-end platform for digital security offerings.

Looking into the future

These are just some of the things that we are working to bring you in 2019. We have a lot of updates coming, both outward facing and behind the scenes, in addition to the ongoing development of the Internal and External World Book, as well as our QASH token.

It could be a turbulent year for crypto, but we will continue to focus the bulk of our resources on our core business, including the products outlined above.

We look forward to introducing these new features and making Liquid the only platform you need in crypto.

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Mike Kayamori

CEO and Co-founder of Liquid.