Meet Liquid’s Head of Japan Marketing and Client enablement

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Andrew is a graduate of the NYU STERN school of business and is a native of Silicon Valley. Before Quoine, he was the head of marketing and growth at Asia's leading mobile investing firm 8 Securities (later acquired by Nomura). He spent 11 years at Yahoo! JAPAN, Yahoo! ASIA, and Yahoo! INC (USA) as an executive in varying leadership marketing and ad product leadership roles. Andrew started his career as an analyst at UBS investment bank. He is also a part time lecturer at Harvard Business School, Mannheim University (Germany), and Meiji University (Tokyo-Japan) and is a board observer at various startup companies

Why did you join Liquid (Quoine)?

I enjoy understanding the world of decentralized finance and the opportunities that digital currency could play in really transforming people’s lives. What motivates buyers to buy Crypto? What kind of innovative use cases where crypto is being utilized in exchange for real world goods and services? Crypto as a savings instrument. Taking our strategic mission, and building both a marketing game plan and structure to make things happen is also very exciting.

There are many crypto exchanges in Japan. What makes Liquid (Quoine) so unique?

At Liquid we pride ourselves on the enormous responsibility that comes with building trading systems that meet the HIGHEST expectations of our customers - while also complying with the regulatory and audit best practices. To name a few: this means having world class liquidity for G7 pairs, industry strength API, offering zero-block BTC deposits (able to deposits BTC at Liquid in less than 6 seconds), and using the latest technologies to keep clients assets safe.

What about the work you do here is meaningful? Why do you come to work in the morning?

All of the work here is meaningful because marketing contributes to having what is a microscopic understanding of who is your customer, and what motivates them to take actions from the point of a) i don’t know who you are to → b) i am willing to recommend your service to my family and friends. We work with many departments; so it's great to see our culture/values manifest in the different projects we take on to help delight our customers

What's your advice for those who want to enter this industry?

If you decide to work in a startup; you need to have a higher comfort with risk taking. Crypto is 24/7; but one must also respect and understand the duality between finance (fin) and technology (tech). To be successful in these types of industries you need to have a strong understanding of yourself and your strengths as a leader. I realized that as a leader, I MUST bring my whole, authentic self to work and enable others to do the same. Too often we try to paint a persona of who we want to be, based on the validation of others. Don’t do that. Have the courage and passion and kindness to inspire and be yourself.

What do you do for fun?

Training for the half iron man (Triathlon), practicing the piano, learning to DJ, advising startups

If you can have lunch with anyone, who would it be?

My Family

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