Meet Liquid’s Risk Analyst Ngoc Nguyen

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I graduated from Hoa Sen University majoring in Computer Network. I used to work in IT Department - Senior System Admin at YKK Vietnam - a subsidiary of YKK Corporation, the largest corporation in the field of zipper manufacturing. I joined Liquid in July 2018.

Why did you join Liquid?

I have a few friends who trade Bitcoin but I had absolutely no idea what bitcoin was. During my search for job on LinkedIn, I found a Fintech company in Vietnam and I was recruited for a position which fit my profile. I thought about the opportunities that i could have at a FinTech company and I decided that the best way for me to get to know this market is participate as an employee of a Fintech firm which inspired me to go for an interview. I still think that was a wise choice.

I strongly believe that Fintech will create new opportunities and become the future of the financial industry.

What do you do at Liquid?

I joined Liquid as a System Admin - managing user accounts, managing and monitoring network & applications. At Quoine I receive internal training courses as well as external courses. It's great when you can learn and have the chance to share knowledge with your peers.

After two years of hard work I was promoted to 'Threat Analyst'. My primary responsibility is keeping the CxO up to date with new threats in the cryptocurrency market.

What interests you in currency / blockchain service space?

Cannot be fake, can't break blockchains, security, transparency, anyone can follow the path of the blockchain from address to address and can statistics the entire history on that address.

What excites you about coming to work every morning?

Imagine a new day you come to the company with a fully equipped office, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, meet colleagues and exchange new information and knowledge daily. You will never be bored when working at a Fintech company. For example, you just need to look at the up and downtrend of a cryptocurrency to get a thrill, especially when you’re an investor as well.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy travel. I often have a bi-weekly nearby field trips and once a month I go for far-away family trips. I also enjoy cooking for myself and my family. 

What's your advice for those who want to enter this industry?

Be patient. There are opportunities to make short term profit and long-term gains by utilizing different products.

The best advice I've ever received is to not get emotionally invested in your crypto.


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