Meet People & Culture Coordinator Madoka Kagimoto

In People of Liquid

Why did you join Liquid?

I was introduced to Liquid by an acquaintance and I was originally interested in the financial industry, so I joined as a chance to study blockchain. For me, who was a recruiter in my previous job, I was attracted to the finance and IT background of those who work at Liquid and I was excited when I thought that I could work with such people.

I thought there would be no reason not to join if I could work with people from top tier companies, including Goldman Sachs and Softbank. After joining Liquid, I still remember the excitement of knowing those who were willing to provide finance to people around the world through our products.

What do you do at Liquid?

I oversee overall human resources. For example, procedures and recruitment for joining, leaving, and retiring from monthly payroll. I perform People operations for employees working in the Tokyo office under the direction of the People & Culture Director. As for recruitment, I work with the global People & Culture department, so I always study the culture differences and trends in each country, and I appreciate gaining knowledge through my job every day.

What is the appeal of the cryptocurrency / blockchain industry?

Cryptocurrencies that were launched after the financial crisis of 2007-2008 were originally developed to remit money from peer-to-peer services with low commissions without going through a third-party organization. I find it appealing that there is personal assertion and fairness. Originally studying abroad, I was complaining about the fees for sending money through the country. Nowadays, it is becoming possible to easily transfer by one mobile phone using the blockchain. It is becoming easier to study abroad, including conducting business. I think that cryptocurrencies and blockchains are attractive in that fair business.

What motivates you every day?

The world of cryptocurrencies is an industry that changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No time to rest. I am motivated to be involved in that high-speed world. Originally, I have been investing personally since my early twenties, and I am very interested in the future development of cryptocurrencies. That's not all in a positive sense and may have negative consequences. However, I think that the workplace with colleagues who work together because they are fascinated by the cryptocurrency has motivated me to work in this industry every day.

What do you do for fun?

Domestic and overseas travels. And cooking and sports. Originally playing basketball for 8 years, I like sports in general and have a dietitian qualification, so cooking is a hobby too. From there, I love going to various cities and eating local cuisine. I like Italian wine, so I want to go to Italy next time.

What advice do you have for someone that wants to enter this industry?

I comprehend the job hunting and job change market in Japan. However, since we are becoming a borderless world, I think that many people will find this industry attractive if you think about yourself in five to ten years from now. I think that's because everybody wants to make it a better world. So, you are a little anxious, but if you want to take on a challenge, I hope you can take the step forward. If you are interested in our company, we would like to hear what you want to do with us. We'll be waiting for you!


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