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Migrating from Telegram to Reddit and Liquid Help Center

To better serve the needs of our growing community, we will migrate all activity from our Telegram chat group, @Quoine, to alternative channels with effect from 5pm JST on November 7.

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To better serve the needs of our growing community, we will migrate all activity from our Telegram chat group, @Quoine, to alternative channels with effect from 5pm JST on November 7.

This means that on November 7, the Liquid by Quoine Telegram group will be effectively closed down permanently and placed into “read only” mode along with other Telegram chat groups, not including our group for Japanese customers.

This isn’t the end of our community. But rather, just a shift in choice of platform. Customers can still get all they need from our alternative channels:

  • Community members can continue to engage with each other and Liquid staff at the official Liquid subreddit, where conversations are better grouped into threads.
  • Customers looking for support can find answers to their questions in the Liquid Help Center.
  • The Liquid News and Updates channel will remain open for Telegram users to get the latest updates from the Liquid team.
  • We may in the future set up small Telegram chat groups to give invited community members a chance to road test our products and provide feedback.

Why are we doing this?

Quite simply, there are better, more efficient channels than a Telegram chat group to meet the needs of our customers and of Liquid as a company.

When we assessed what value was being added to the Liquid ecosystem by maintaining a Telegram chat group, we came to the conclusion that there were more targeted channels to gather and respond to our community in more productive ways.

We will continue to respond to questions, discussions and feedback from our community at our Liquid subreddit, where input is always welcomed.

Furthermore, our Customer Champions are on hand 24/7 to answer questions, while our knowledge base in the Liquid Help Center has numerous guides and tutorials. There are also regular posts published on the Liquid blog.

Thank you to our community

Telegram has been a tremendous source of engagement between Liquid and our community, particularly during the QASH token sale in November 2017, and it has served its full purpose in that regard.

We are truly grateful to each and every individual who has been a part of the Liquid Telegram group and contributed positively to nearly two years of lively discussion.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our team of dedicated community managers, past and present, who played an integral role in maintaining order in the chat group.

We thank our community for their continued trust and support in Liquid.

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