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Mineral project began with a certain goal in mind: To solve problems of previous blockchain games. 

Since the introduction of smartphones, the number of gamers has increased rapidly. There are now over 2.5 billion gamers around the world and the industry is expected to hit $196 billion in sales over the next three years. However, blockchain games (DApp)’ market cap in 2019 was a mere $58M. These numbers illustrate that the number of DApp game players is very small and the industry is yet to have any Killer app. 

Although many Dapp games have been released with the booming of the crypto market in 2017, Why did those games fail to reach a commercial success?

First is the blockchain entry barrier. Placing data on-chain is computationally expensive, obliging developers to make economic compromises, constraining what could otherwise be achieved. Furthermore, Players have to start afresh with blockchain technology, which calls for learning the basics of private-public key pairs and mnemonic phrases and it makes players shy away from Dapp games. 

Second is the lack of quality content in the Dapp game industry. This is largely due to the fact that the industry itself is relatively new, and brave endeavors are still to be made. 

The studio behind the Mineral project, Skypeople’s previous game Final Blade was published by NC soft and ranked #2 on the Google Play store for sales and is still serviced among 140 countries worldwide. Also, Skypeople started engaging with blockchain since early 2018, first as the only Super Representative(SR) of Tron in South Korea. Skypeople still holds the record of most block produced by single SR. Mid 2018, the blockchain team in Skypeople launched an experimental Dapp game called Dragon Castle on the Tron blockchain, which made a buzz in the niche community due to its’ unprecedented graphics and user experience. Through Dragon Castle, the core team members realized the do and don’ts of making blockchain games and used that to develop Five Stars. 

With the above experience, Mineral team is now ready to revolutionize blockchain gaming by releasing the truly high-quality blockchain games with articulate artworks and engaging gameplay which integrate the blockchain as a productive tool that provides genuine utility rather than as a functionless marketing ploy. Five Stars, which is the upcoming title of Skypeople, will mark the first footstep of the revolution. 

Why did we choose Liquid?

We chose Liquid as the first partner to provide Mineral to a global audience. Founded in 2014, Liquid is now one of the world’s most comprehensive and secure trading platform with more than USD50 billion in transactions over the past 12 months. Furthermore, Liquid acquired the official license from the Japan Financial Services Agency (JSFA). Mineral team believes that those past records prove that Liquid is the best partner for a first global partner.

Token utility and why people should trade MNR

Mineral (MNR) aims to convert the player's in-game data into a digital asset on the distributed ledger. It will act as a primary currency across multiple games released on the Mineral ecosystem, allowing players to buy and sell in-game items as non-fungible tokens.

As the Mineral ecosystem expands, The resulting increase in token and NFT items demand, coupled with the transaction fees collected by Mineral, will facilitate the further expansion and improvement of the Mineral Hub ecosystem.

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Mineral Token, built on the Klaytn blockchain, hosts the data of users who play their decentralized games. Mineral is aimed at improving personal ownership. In addition, they serve to help free trade of items between different games.