MyTVchain: A Content Platform for The Sporting Industry

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Sports fans around the world are increasingly switching off their TVs and getting their fix of hoops, bats and balls from online video services. But while content platforms are raking in views by the millions, many sports clubs and athletes are struggling to keep pace and reap the benefits.

A new blockchain-based content sharing network hopes to change that. The MyTVchain platform gives sports clubs and athletes a platform to showcase their talents and generate revenue from their content, all while building brand loyalty through personal engagement.

The entire content lifecycle and monetization process is kept on the blockchain, removing the need for a third party. MyTVchain strives to become the hub of online sports video content. The platform is already up and running with more than 30,000 users watching the content of 100 sports clubs from 38 countries.

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Every new Liquid account that buys MyTV tokens will receive $10 in Qash for every $100 of MyTV tokens purchased. 

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The power of content

Sports clubs recognize online video content as a powerful growth tool. But when posting content to traditional video sites, it can be tricky to build an audience and also earn a fair share of any revenue generated.

With MyTVchain, content distribution rights stay with the producer. The vision is for every sports club to have a private channel where viewers can consume content and engage with the team. Fans also get rewarded with tokens by watching videos.

The MyTVchain token (MYTV)

The MYTV utility token is the fuel of the ecosystem. As a platform user, the token improves the customer experience by giving access to videos, articles and other content, as well as providing access to pay-per-view content.

For content creators, the token brings an additional revenue stream. Holding the MyTV token also gives content creators access to the the Proof-of-Success scheme, which further rewards creators based on the success of what they share.

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