Orbs project harnesses blockchain to foster collaboration

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Blockchain technology can open up new possibilities for today’s businesses, but how do they take those first steps in this new space without becoming overwhelmed?

A new project called Orbs hopes to ease the burden by following a similar trajectory to the rise of open source software.

You might not realize it, but we often interact with open source software in our everyday lives. From the coding language of your favorite websites and apps to the operating system on the phone in your hand – open source plays a significant role in today’s software ecosystem.

Android is a great example; Google’s open source mobile operating system has been a huge success.

It could be the same with decentralization and blockchain technology. Businesses will increasingly move parts of their operations onto the blockchain without you even knowing about it.

The Orbs team has been connecting the dots between the origin stories of open source software and blockchain technology.

There was a time when developers laughed at the idea of releasing their precious code to the public – but now it’s an accepted norm.

Blockchain adoption may well follow suit, but businesses understandably have concerns: how can decentralizing a business be useful, especially when the transition is so difficult and costly?

Migrating operations to the blockchain could be an excellent way to get ahead of the competition, but to many businesses it’s not a viable consideration – at least not yet and not in its current form.

That’s the issue Orbs aims to overcome.

Businesses can use Orbs to migrate parts, or all, of their operations onto the blockchain, bringing a range of benefits: security, liquidity, Ethereum ecosystem integration, low-fees, scalability and a favorable fee structure.

Orbs helps businesses join the decentralization revolution.

ORBS is the native token for the Orbs platform. ORBS fuels all activities on the platform: smart contracts, fees, consensus-based storage.

ORBS token is now live for trading on Liquid.

 Trade ORBS on Liquid

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