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    Can BTC Truly Match Gold as a Safe Haven?

    Bitcoin has often been raised up as “digital gold” - that is, a reliable long-term store of value. Can BTC truly play this role in times of instability?
    By Liquid In

    Chainlink Listed On Liquid Exchange

    Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network which aims to connect smart contracts with data from the real world, is now available on Liquid.

    The WOM Token is now listed on Liquid

    WOM Protocol is premiering on Liquid with its WOM token
    By WOM

    Ethereum 2.0 Set to Make Waves in 2020-2021

    ETH making its way to following DeFi movement
    By Liquid In

    Clarifying the termination of support for select tokens

    Outlining reasons for termination of support for a list of tokens
    By Liquid

    Liquid Ranked as Top Tier exchange on CryptoCompare

    We are pleased to announce that we are ranked number 6 among exchanges on CryptoCompare.
    By Liquid

    Liquid Account Verification & Identification Changes

    Liquid is introducing changes in the verification process to adhere to higher standards of compliance you need to know about.
    By Liquid In

    Introducing Liquid MPC Technology: An Evolution in Crypto Wallet Security

    Liquid is overhauling their wallet infrastructure to state-of-the-art multi-party computing (MPC) wallet technology.
    By Liquid

    Liquid Joins the Open Payment Coalition and PayID

    An exciting new way to exchange cryptocurrency using email-like IDs instead of abstract addresses.
    By Liquid

    Deposit to Win Dash Starting June 30!

    Calling all traders - now’s your chance to win free #Dash on Liquid.
    By Liquid

    AMUN Leveraged Tokens EXPLAINED

    Learn more about leveraged tokens and start trading on Liquid today.
    By AMUN