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    Ren Protocol (REN) is now listed on Liquid exchange

    The Ren Protocol addressed moving value between blockchains while keeping balances private, keeping order matching private, and keeping on-chain settlements private

    Synthetix (SNX)  token is now available to trade on Liquid Exchange

    Synthetix is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Ethereum blockchain through a series of smart contracts.

    Liquid becomes a member of Dash FastPass Network

    The Dash FastPass Network builds upon the Dash InstantSend speed and security, creating a network of liquidity between a number of exchanges.
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    Meet Sögur (SGR): The evolution of Saga (SGA)

    Sögur - formerly known as Saga- is the project behind the global digital currency SGR (previously SGA), a currency designed to be the democratic evolution of money.

    Improving UX via Liquid’s Buy & Swap

    Try Liquid’s Buy and Swap feature today for easier and faster crypto trading than ever before.

    Cosmos (ATOM) token is now available to trade on Liquid Exchange

    Cosmos is a decentralized network of interconnected blockchains - all of which can interact and operate with each other.
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    Liquid Pro Now Available in Korean Language

    Liquid Pro Mobile App is now available in Korean language! Liquid Pro brings the speed, security, and ease of Liquid’s trading platform to your mobile
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    Maker (MKR) is now listed on Liquid Exchange

    The Maker protocol is a DeFi application, used to create the stablecoin Dai, a decentralized, collateral-backed cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar.
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    Tezos (XTZ) token is now available to trade on Liquid Exchange

    Tezos is an open-source platform for assets and applications, backed by a global community of validators, researchers and builders.
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    The DeFi Movement: Blockchain Begins Delivering on Its Promise to Revolutionize Finance

    2020 so far has been the year of DeFi, with over $6 billion USD being moved around the DeFi network, according to DeFi Pulse.
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    Popular educational resource 99Bitcoins reviews Liquid platform

    Liquid was recently reviewed by the popular source of educational content about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency called 99Bitcoins.