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    Liquid is now on Crypto Pro

    We are excited to announce that Liquid is now fully integrated with the Crypto Pro app.
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    Who will keep your crypto funds safe? Mike's Monthly Message

    In this month's message, I run through Liquid security and it's importance, before updating on everything that happened in July at Liquid.

    What causes a cryptocurrency crash?

    A cryptocurrency crash can be breathtaking. If you’ve been in the market for long enough you’ll have experienced at least one yourself.

    How regulatory uncertainty affects the crypto market

    Could the recent US hearings over Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency have have had a negative impact on Bitcoin’s price movement? Some observers believe so – and this wouldn’t be the first time Bitcoin’s price shows sensitivity to regulatory uncertainty.

    How to become a better cryptocurrency trader using trading ranges

    A trading range is an area on a chart within which price moves for an extended period of time.
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    Liquid Pro Product Update 1.1.10

    Liquid Pro Product Update 1.1.10: here is what has changed in our latest app update.
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    What is Bitcoin mining?

    Bitcoin miners are often described as the backbone of the Bitcoin network. Through the process of mining, they’re responsible for creating new Bitcoins, validating transactions and ensuring that the network remains secure.
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    What is Bitcoin maximalism?

    A Bitcoin maximalist believes with unwavering conviction that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency – in fact, currency – worth caring about.
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    Some of our favorite crypto podcasts

    These podcasts are a curated collection of some of our favorite crypto shows. We’re always learning – and you can too!
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    Why pro crypto traders choose Liquid

    Professional cryptocurrency traders know what they want, but they aren’t always sure where they can get it. There are a lot of crypto exchanges to choose from, but which is really best?
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    Get started day trading cryptocurrency

    Crypto trading can appear mysterious and complicated, but it’s not as tough as you may think. In fact, with a bit of work and some discipline you can get started day trading cryptocurrency in no time at all.
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