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    7 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2021

    Liquid has prepared a list of some of the best crypto and blockchain podcasts you can listen to in 2021.
    By Liquid In

    New listing: Proton XPR Token

    We are thrilled to announce that XPR token is now listed on Liquid.

    The ECB Prolongs Negative Interest Rates and What You Need to Do About It

    In 2014, European Central Bank implemented negative interest rates, pioneering one of the most controversial policies that have remained so even today.

    QASH Blog Update 10/2021

    Here is our monthly QASH/LQT update to keep you informed on the recent developments of the QASH/LQT token and Liquid chain.

    China Bans Cryptocurrency. Again. Here’s What Might Happen Next

    Over the years, the Chinese government has dropped many restrictive measures on cryptocurrency - bitcoin, in particular.

    Layer 2 - What You Must Know about These Scalability Solutions

    Layer 2 is a collective term for solutions designed to help scale your application by handling transactions off the Ethereum Mainnet (layer 1).
    By Liquid In