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    New Listing: ENS Token (Ethereum Name Service)

    We are thrilled to announce that ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is now listed on Liquid exchange.

    DeFi 2.0 - Innovation or a Meme?

    DeFi 2.0 refers to a subset of DeFi protocols built on prior DeFi breakthroughs like yield farming, lending, and other things.
    By Liquid In

    New Listing: Ariva ARV Token

    We are thrilled to announce that Ariva ARV is now listed on Liquid exchange.

    Meet Emily Rose - Leader, Connector, Problem-solver

    Get to know Emily Rose on Liquid. Polygen Chief Marketing Officer. Hear about interesting projects on Polygen. Get pointers on crypto from Emily Rose.

    NFT Staking - Earn Passive Income With Your Digital Collection

    NFT staking intends to let you earn more with your asset while retaining ownership of it. Examples: Onessus, Kira, Splinterlands.

    What Are Blockchain Bridges and Why Do We Need Them?

    A blockchain bridge, otherwise known as a cross-chain bridge, connects two blockchains and allows users to send cryptocurrency from one chain to the other.