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    Liquid November Roundup

    November has been another productive month of building and progress for Liquid. Here is a round up of all the features, product and marketing updates that our users benefited from throughout November.
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    Saga: currency for the global citizen

    Global citizens need a global currency. Enter Saga - frictionless, stabilised, democratic, and coming soon to Liquid.

    Win $250 USD with Quick Exchange

    This week we're encouraging Liquid users to try out Quick Exchange. In return we will be giving one lucky user 250 USD.
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    COINCOME - the blockchain cashback solution

    COINCOME uses blockchain to bring new life to the eCommerce rewards industry with an ecosystem for better rewards and improved cashback tracking.

    Grab the best cryptocurrency deals available this Black Friday Weekend on Liquid

    For Black Friday weekend we have wrapped up six baskets full of cryptocurrency with the best discount available anywhere: 100% off.
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    Electroneum trading contest: win 10,000 USDe

    We've teamed up with Electroneum to host an exclusive ETN trading competition on Liquid. Start trading to win big prizes.
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    Is Metacoin the new cryptocurrency meta?

    Metacoin (MTC), the world’s first hyperledger-based token, is now live for trading on Liquid.

    Could Facebook’s Libra be the catalyst for a blockchain revolution?

    A tech giant launching its own form of money? The prospect seemed momentous, with the potential to truly disrupt finance as we know it.

    These blockchain animals could be the next pig thing in crypto

    Move over Cryptokitties. There’s a new pig on the block. Crypt-Oink is a fun new dapp that gives players ownership of mysterious pig-like creatures that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Liquid World Book Update

    The External World Book is a proprietary software engine that enhances liquidity on Liquid. We've been building, testing and gradually rolling out new features.
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    Walkthrough: crypto margin trading risk strategy

    To make more money, you have to protect the money you already have. It takes practice to put emotions aside and to trade with ruthless focus. Try this.
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