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    Introducing Aurei : A revolution in the crypto world (+ airdrop)

    The AUREI token (ARE) is a digital currency designed to maximize the alignment of interests of developers and investors through the implementation of an original and innovative mechanism based on economic incentives.

    Paycoin $PCI is now listed on Liquid

    Paycoin is listed on ‘Liquid’, a global crypto-asset exchange. Users can now trade Paycoin on Liquid Global.
    By Paycoin

    Mineral: Taking on blockchain gaming

    Mineral project began with a certain goal in mind: To solve problems of previous blockchain games.

    How to Use IDRT on Liquid

    How to use IDRT, the first stablecoin aiming to mimic the value of the Indonesian Rupiah.

    Introducing ThreeFold; a true P2P internet already distributed globally

    Using game-changing technology, the ThreeFold Network creates a new internet owned by everyone. Their public sale is coming soon.

    Preparing for “The Halvening”: What You Need to Know

    The next Bitcoin halvening is set to occur on Tuesday May 12th, 2020. What exactly is the halvening, and what does it mean for crypto traders?
    By Liquid In

    Liquid Progressive Fee update

    Our progressive fees will be changing slightly. Here's what to expect.
    By Liquid

    Liquid announces the departure of Mario Gomez Lozada

    Global cryptocurrency platform Liquid.com ("Liquid") announces the departure of Mario Gomez Lozada
    By Liquid

    Liquid join forces with Cryptobuyer

    Liquid and Cryptobuyer have joined forces to promote their new merchant solution that will bring crypto payments to LATAM and beyond.
    By Liquid In

    Automated Trading on Liquid made easy - with Coinrule

    Our users can now trade on Liquid through Coinrule. Coinrule makes it very easy for regular traders to build algorithmic trading strategies.

    Liquid March roundup

    At Liquid, March has been just like any month in terms of progress. We’ve been building, preparing our next wave of products and updates to further enhance our platform.