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    Future of Cross-border Payments: Blockchain Remittance Explained

    In this guide, Liquid explains everything you should know about international payments via blockchain remittance options.
    By Liquid In

    How to buy XinFin (XDC) on Liquid exchange

    XinFin Network, an enterprise-ready hybrid Blockchain Network optimized for international trade and finance.

    How To Calculate ROI For Crypto Investment

    Liquid has explained how to calculate ROI for crypto assets, along with a brief introduction to why calculating ROI matters.
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    Beginner's Guide To Swing Trading Crypto

    Liquid has explained the basics of swing trading in the context of the crypto ecosystem.

    こんにちは, GYEN. Liquid welcomes digital Japanese yen, the world’s safe haven currency.

    Liquid offers seamless conversion of GYEN and JPY by offering a GYEN/JPY Order Book, allowing instant conversion 24/7.

    Everything to know about GYEN and ZUSD listing on Liquid

    Liquid will be listing GYEN, a JPY stablecoin described by its issuer as “the first regulated digital JPY”.