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    Fast Bitcoin deposits are now even faster on Liquid

    Fast Bitcoin deposits are now even faster on Liquid.
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    Blockchain is coming for us – whether we know it or not

    Blockchain is a force for good and it’s going to impact all of our lives, sooner or later.

    In conversation: Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori talks Gram Token Sale

    Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori and Gram Asia CEO Dongbeom Kim sat down together at the Liquid offices in Tokyo, Japan, to discuss the Gram Token Sale.
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    Could crypto fill the cash gap in Kenya?

    In 11 rural and urban slum communities across Kenya, people are now using cryptocurrencies as a new form of money.

    Deep dive: Telegram Open Network and Gram token analysis

    An exploration of the Telegram Open Network blockchain project and Gram token utility.
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    Pigzbe brings financial education to the blockchain

    We are excited to be listing Wollo (WLO), the utility token of Pigzbe, an ambitious financial education project that aligns with our Liquid vision for making financial services accessible for all.
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    Ripple signs deal with Moneygram to push XRP adoption

    Crypto company Ripple this week announced a large investment in MoneyGram, a payment processor that rivals Western Union.

    The convergence of AI and blockchain: What you need to know

    Modern artificial intelligence and blockchain are two of the most powerful technologies shaping our current realm of global digital information. Combining these technologies opens a whole world of possibilities.

    What is the Gram token and why should you care?

    Telegram Open Network will be a fast and scalable multi-blockchain system that will expose Telegram's vast global userbase to a state-of-the-art digital wallet and a new cryptocurrency, the Gram token.
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    Unpacking Libra – Facebook’s new cryptocurrency

    Facebook sent shockwaves through the crypto community with the release of the whitepaper to its much-anticipated cryptocurrency, Libra.

    Facebook is launching its own cryptocurrency – here's what we know so far

    Facebook has confirmed that its crypto project Libra (also known as Globalcoin) will be available to users on platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.