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    QASH Blog Update 9/2021

    Here is our monthly QASH/LQT update to keep you informed on the recent developments of the QASH/LQT token and Liquid chain.

    New listing: ANW Token

    We are excited to announce that ANW token is now listed on Liquid.

    New listing: MIMO and PAR

    Mimo DeFi (MIMO) and the World’s First Euro Stable Token (PAR) are listed on Liquid

    Impermanent Loss Explained

    Impermanent loss happens when the price of your token changes after you deposit it in the liquidity pool.
    By Liquid In

    Algorand USDC: an Exciting Addition to Liquid Multi-Chain

    Since USDC on Algorand (USDCa) has been built using the ASA standard, it benefits from high speed, micro-fees, immediate t/x finality, and more.

    New listing: WEMIX Token

    We are thrilled to announce that WEMIX token is now listed on Liquid.