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New Listing: Paycoin ($PCI)

Greetings from the Paycoin team!
PCI on Liquid

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Greetings from the Paycoin team!

As of May 22nd, 2020, Paycoin is officially listed on Liquid, users may now trade Paycoin on Liquid Global. 

Global expansion is one of the biggest objective for Paycoin in 2020. Starting with the listing of Paycoin on global exchanges, we plan to release our global app and expand our payment business worldwide.

Through this listing, we expect to provide a more diverse environment for users to trade Paycoin and make it easier for overseas users have access with the upcoming global services.

About Liquid

Liquid is a leading Global Fintech company founded in 2014, with offices in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. Liquid was the first exchange licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency in 2017, and in 2019 the exchange's yearly,  trading volume exceeded 60bn USD. The company is continuing its focused expansion into 2020 with the development and launch of a series of new exchange features to serve its growing customer base.

About Paycoin

As a subsidiary of “Danal” — an integrated payment solution provider — Paycoin provides virtual asset payment services based on blockchain. By reducing the intermediaries in the existing payment process through blockchain, we not only provide lower transaction fees and faster settlement cycles to merchants, but also a safe and convenient payment environment to users. Paycoin is the first virtual asset that is being commercialized as payment in Korea, and we aim to lead this new payment market and drive adoption for the service.

Buy PCI on Liquid

Website | KakaoTalk(KR) | Kakao Channel(KR) | Telegram(ENG) | Twitter(ENG) | Facebook(KR) | Paycoin Wallet(KR)


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