Pigzbe brings financial education to the blockchain

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We are excited to be listing Wollo (WLO), the utility token of Pigzbe, an ambitious financial education project that aligns with our Liquid vision for making financial services accessible for all.

Financial education is crucial for all children, but money is becoming increasingly difficult to understand in the digital world. Budgeting, saving and spending are all vital skills. Preparing younger generations for the future sets up society for longevity and long-term success.

Teaching young people the basics of modern money is important, but it must be done in a safe and fun environment. Cryptocurrency can play a role here and Pigzbe is putting a unique spin on how children think about pocket money. Think Wollo tokens in a digital Pigzbe wallet instead of handfuls of coins in a piggy bank.

The Wollo token is fast, family friendly and can already be spent anywhere that accepts Visa, using a Wirex Visa card and soon-to-be-introduced Pigzbe family card.. Upon listing on Liquid, Wollo will be paired with BTC, ETH and EUR. Buying Wollo will be easy. You can deposit EUR on Liquid with your credit or debit card. We also have our new Quick Exchange feature, where you’ll be able to quickly and easily swap crypto or fiat for Wollo.

In this article, we’ll explore how Pigzbe is hoping to transform financial education.

What is Pigzbe?

Pigzbe is a crypto project focussed on financial and crypto education using a digital pocket money service in which children can earn and save Wollo tokens. Built on the Stellar network, Wollo tokens can be quickly and easily transferred at little cost.

Financial fun

Pigzbe is a small handheld device that connects to a mobile app and teaches children about money through gaming and digital interaction. It makes learning about money management a breeze by packaging the learning into a fun ecosystem, powered by the Wollo token.

The goal of Pigzbe is to get children earning and saving Wollo tokens.

Pigzbe opens up an entire world of play and exploration. As children learn how to earn, and save for the things they want, Pigzbe helps kids develop healthy financial habits.

Once saving goals are reached, Wollo tokens can be spent in the real world with parental permission using a Pigzbe prepaid Visa card.



Save and earn

It’s quick and easy to send allowances or pocket money through the app, making it easy for kids to track their savings. The app has a straightforward fiat on-ramp built in, so family can easily send Wollo tokens to the kids.

Children can be set tasks with rewards ready to go, so once they have completed their chores they’ll earn themselves some more Wollo tokens.

We’re fully behind Pigzbe’s vision for financial education. That’s why Wollo will be listed on Liquid in the near future.

Be on the lookout

Wollo is going to be listed on Liquid in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements. If you’re interested in learning more about Pigzbe and Wollo, check out their website.

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