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Rarity.tools - How to Find the Rarity of NFT

One of the best NFT rarity discovering tools is Rarity Tools, which is arguably the most popular one that’s also free to use.
how to use Rarity tools

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One of the best NFT rarity discovering tools is Rarity Tools, which is arguably the most popular one that’s also free to use.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but finding the right one has never been easy. 

Word is, NFTs have gotten so popular to the point they’re now a growing and lucrative market

When something is popular and lucrative, it will naturally have a massive user base. That often leads to an overwhelmingly large selection. To save your time and possibly money sifting through tens of thousands of tokens, developers created the NFT rarity tool.

These NFT rarity tools Solana and Ethereum users can both take advantage of are similar to search engines but for NFTs. 

They can either pin you to a specific collection or provide details about any particular token of that collection.

When finding tokens, you can use an NFT rarity app like the uNFT offered by Apple. It will automatically track down any token that’s gaining sales volumes.

You can also use an NFT rarity tool extension. A popular one of its kind would be the RarityRanks extension. There’s a dedicated website, which includes instructions on how to download and use it. 

If you’re an adamant Chrome user, there are great options, such as the NFT Rarity Rankings and the Rarity Tool Researcher

One of the best NFT rarity tools actually has its own webpage. We’re talking about the rarity.tools, which is arguably the most popular NFT finder that’s also free to use.

The site is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate, but if you’re new to the scene, this article will show you how to use rarity tools. 

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NFT Rarity Tools Interface

On the first time using rarity.tools you’ll notice a plethora of NFT collections you probably don’t recognize. 

That’s because to list your NFTs here is very expensive, so the site will try to give new artists as much exposure as possible.

If you know the name of a specific collection you can look it up on the search bar. Most people do this to also find NFTs by sales volumes. If you want to find rare NFTs for cheap, you can keep going down on the search bar until you find the right price.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the Most Recent Collections. These are the NFTs that have been released, which you may have missed. But if you’re barely starting to get into the curious atmosphere of non-fungible tokens, this section matters very little.

Right below this is the Top Collections. Here, it showcases the all-time best-selling tokens the site has seen. Do note that this list may not be consistent with other NFT rarity tools, such as Rarity Sniper

You can see top collections based on overall volumes or recent performances. This is also where you can discover popular NFT artists and perhaps follow a few if their works appeal to you. 

The bottom is where all collections are listed and you can sort them by sales, owners, supply, and more. This feature makes rarity.tools one of the best NFT rarity tools on the market.

How to Find the Rarity of an NFT

Things get a bit tricky when you want to find how valuable an NFT is, but don’t worry, it’s possible with a little effort.

To find the rarity of NFT we need to understand the difference between rarity rank and rarity score.

When you click on a collection, most NFT rarity tools Cardano or Solana alike, would sort their items by rarity ranks. This is pretty straightforward as the top-ranked token is always the most valuable. 

Note that we say most valuable and not rarest. That’s because the rarity score is what determines how rare an NFT is.

Every collection would have its own system of rarity scores. This can be based on special traits of the NFT, specific markings, or accessories. Whatever the case may be, the rarity score is entirely up to the creator.

For example, if you click on the CryptoPunks collection on rarity.tool, the site will give you a sorted presentation of all its NFTs. 

As CryptoPunks are known for their artfully indifferent faces and stylish accessories, whatever’s on those faces are pretty much the selling points. 

On the left side of the collection, you’ll find a detailed search menu that lets you select which features you want to find within the collection. The more attributes, such as eyewear, you add, the higher rarity score the NFTs would have. 

NFTs with high rarity scores are almost always more expensive than the rest. Those with the most rare attributes have the highest rarity rank. It is possible for an NFT to have the highest rarity score and also rarity rank, like the CryptoPunk below.

This cigarette biting chad has the highest rarity rank and also over 10k rarity score. To see why an NFT has a high rarity score, you can go to OpenSea for a more detailed description. 

In this case, #8348 has many of the rarest traits, according to OpenSea.

Practice double checking every NFT on their score when using NFT rarity tools to obtain an optimal deal for your crypto.

NFT Rarity Tools Misconceptions

One of the most common mistakes when using NFT rarity tools is assuming that if a collection isn’t listed on the platform, it’s probably not valuable.

This is inaccurate because certain collections can only be found on either OpenSea or their own blockchain. 

One very popular example of this is Creature World, a massive collection that has over 10,000 tokens and 34,000 ETH in sales.

It’s so big that there’s a Creature World NFT tool dedicated to finding the best and most affordable creature for your wallet.

Another typical assumption is that anyone can list NFTs and get rich. First of all, it’s not cheap to list anything. Even on OpenSea, you’ll need a decent amount of Ethereum to get started. 

Gaining exposure would require you to list it on a popular NFT rarity ranking tool or platform. That would cost you a couple of ETH, which can be a fortune to some of us.

Whether you’re an artist or art hunter, we hope rarity.tools and the suggestions above help find what you were meant to have.

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