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RedFOX Labs token now live for trading on Liquid

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We are excited to announce that RedFOX Labs $RFOX is now live for trading on Liquid.

Passion and drive are vital ingredients for taking an ambitious idea and building it into a successful business. Emerging markets like Southeast Asia are full of amazing business ideas borne out of hustle, grit and determination.

Any great startup can be enhanced by expert guidance, which is where Vietnamese blockchain startup RedFOX comes in.

Harnessing the power of the Komodo Platform, RedFOX seeks out and incubates game-changing business concepts in Southeast Asia.

RedFOX helps new businesses by refining their business models, aligning their goals, and integrating open source blockchain technologies to create a finished product that blows away competitors.

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The power of the RFOX Token

RFOX is the utility token within the RedFOX/Komodo enterprise ecosystem. RFOX has many uses:

  • Some of the companies RedFOX creates may utilize the RFOX token to facilitate transactions and reward miners for processing these blocks.
  • As RedFOX Labs will build out a number of businesses, the RFOX token will be used as the sole purchasing method for these token generation events.
  • The RFOX token will be used as a form of payment to contractors, developers and network operators, as well as for security, bug bounties, discounts on certification and more.
  • RFOX will serve as the global currency within the RedFOX Enterprise Komodo ecosystem.

Win RFOX tokens

We’ve teamed up with RedFOX labs to host a giveaway of RFOX tokens for new customers on Liquid.

RedFOX fans just need to sign up for a new account using this RedFOX referral link.

Once that’s done, verify your account, then buy and hold at least 5,000 RFOX tokens until July 1 to be in with a chance to win 1,500USDe of RFOX tokens.

Five lucky winners will be chosen at random after the contest closes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up using the RedFOX affiliate code.
  2. Buy a minimum of 5,000 RFOX tokens.
  3. Hold at least 5,000 RFOX tokens on Liquid until 30 June 23:59 GMT+8.
  4. 5 winners will be randomly selected to receive 1,500 USD equivalent of RFOX tokens.

Don’t miss your chance.

Sign up to Liquid using the RedFOX referral link now.

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