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Technology has ramped up globalisation, with national markets more integrated than ever before. We are no longer just citizens of nations. But while we buy globally, we pay nationally with the currency of our resident nation. National currencies are subject to the agenda of the ruling government party and policies of the central bank and what’s more, the political and socio-economic climate of your country has a direct impact on your purchasing power in the global economy.

Global citizens need a global currency - that currency could be Saga.

What is Saga?

Saga is a new borderless global currency that will be used to store value, move money around the world and purchase goods and services. It is a complement to national currencies, owned and governed by the currency holders with a system of checks and balances in place.

Saga has been designed with the global economy in mind and to overcome the challenge of buying globally whilst only being able to pay nationally. Saga has developed a system that means a truly global currency can come into existence - away from national or political tensions.

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What sets Saga apart

To achieve its vision of complementing national currencies on the global stage, Saga is configured to address the key concerns and risks surrounding digital currencies.

SGA is:

  • Non-anonymous, but private - Compliance with KYC and AML practices ensures safe use of the SGA token without compromising user privacy;
  • Designed to self-manage volatility - From launch, Saga is backed by a reserve configured to match the IMF’s basket of currencies;
  • Based on proven principles taken from central banks, corporates and blockchain - Saga’s monetary and governance models have been developed with input from leading voices across economics, politics and technology;
  • Governed by its holders - through a variety of voting mechanisms, including voting for the executive council managing the project, Saga holders are its sovereign decision makers. This puts power over the currency into the hands of modern, global citizens, rather than corporates or any single government.

With these factors being foundational in the Saga model and trust in the currency being central to its price, Saga could have the ability to bridge digital currencies into mainstream use.

Saga is now live on Liquid. 

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To be able to hold SGA in your personal ERC-20 wallet, complete on-boarding here now.

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