Security update for Liquid customers

Security update for Liquid customers. Your security is our priority.

At Liquid, we will always prioritize customer security. Please read this statement on the measures we have put in place to protect the assets of Liquid customers.


  • 100% cold wallet storage.
  • Multisignature technology for the authorization of BTC and BCH transactions.
  • Whitelisting of withdrawal wallet addresses.
  • No API withdrawals.
  • 4-step withdrawal process:
    • Request.
    • 2-factor authentication.
    • Email confirmation.
    • Withdrawals processed manually by approved team members in an offline environment.


  • Crisis Management Committee led by CEO Mike Kayamori.
  • Weekly security review by third-party company and twice-yearly review by external experts.
  • Policy to only list currencies that can be stored in cold wallet.
  • Mandatory implementation and use of 2-factor authentication to access a Liquid account.

See our new security page to find out more about how we keep your funds safe.

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