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How to Spend Your Crypto From Anywhere Using Bitrefill

Bitrefill is used mainly for purchasing digital gift cards. The huge selection of stores includes the most popular brands not only in your region but pretty much everywhere in the world.
Spend crypto with Bitrefill

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Bitrefill is used mainly for purchasing digital gift cards. The huge selection of stores includes the most popular brands not only in your region but pretty much everywhere in the world.

We’ve talked quite a bit about the decentralization of cryptocurrency, and one thing we want to start to cover more is its liquidity.

If you’ve ever gotten crypto before - a little bit of Ethereum or maybe some fractions of bitcoin - usually the first thing that comes to mind is how to spend it.

Bitrefill gives you some options in that regard. It’s a digital supermarket of gift cards from pretty much any store in the world. 

You can buy a Bbitrefill card from your favorite brand with cryptocurrency. If it’s a place where you normally shop at, anyway, then it’d probably be the best way to spend it.

Sure, the most popular method remains as simply selling it, but that also comes with fees and fluctuation risks. If you’re new to the scene, you might even have to take a few extra steps or sell it on DEX, meaning more fees.

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Getting a Bitrefill gift card is in a way similar to safekeeping your assets. The amount on the card gets converted to whatever currency you’re putting on it.

For example, if you put $500 worth of ETH on a Bitrefill Amazon card, you’d still have $500 to spend on Amazon tomorrow even if Ethereum took a dive.

Of course, things also work in reverse. If the crypto you used to buy the Bitrefill card goes up the next day, you’d essentially lose out on some cash. But this is the business model of Bitrefill and if you’re only seeking liquidity, this shouldn’t be on the list of concerns.

Practical Uses

Bitrefill is used mainly for purchasing digital gift cards. The huge selection of stores includes the most popular brands not only in your region but pretty much everywhere in the world.

This is especially useful when you’re living abroad and don’t have enough of the local currency available, but plenty of crypto. 

Choose the country you’re in and Bitrefill will provide the brands, for which you can purchase a gift card. These are usually the mainstream retailers specific to that country or region. For example, if you’re anywhere in the Americas, you can buy Bitrefill Amazon and Walmart cards and exchange in any currency (USD, CAD, etc.)

You can also purchase phone cards or phone credits on Bitrefill. This feature is most beneficial to digital nomads who are always on the roam. 

There’s a variety of cards to choose from and top up your phone in an instant. You can recharge Bitrefill by entering your number and the amount you wish to spend, which would be paid in cryptocurrency.

Getting around while you’re living overseas is also easier with Bitrefill. Hotelgift, Flightgift, and even Uber cards are all available to make your far from home experience more comfortable.

Living abroad and gaming daily or just daily gaming but got a bunch of crypto? Bitrefill got you covered there, too.

This selection is comparatively smaller than other products, but it does offer some of the most popular titles, such as Apex Legends, World of Warcraft, and mobile monsters like Roblox and PubG.

If you don’t see your title you can always get a generic Bitrefill card for gaming services like Google Play, Xbox, Nintendo and even Gamestop.

Users can also get their hands on a Bitrefill Steam card, though this feature is only available for US Steam players.

Clearly note the distinction between buying game products on Bitrefill and actual crypto games. The likes of play-to-earn or NFT games are yet to be listed on this platform.

How to Use Bitrefill

Bitrefill is fairly easy to use, given you have the basic knowledge of how cryptocurrency works

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of product you want to spend your crypto on and from which country. 

Look on the left sidebar to choose your product. For example, if we want to buy some clothes, we’d click on Apparel

You’ll notice the most popular brands or newly added brands on top of the list.

We’re feeling spicy so we’ll take a look at Victoria’s Secret.

To our disappointment, there are no product ads, but we buy it, anyway. Notice there are no fees for the transaction and you can also buy it as a gift. To gift this to someone, simply use their email address instead of yours.

When checking out, there’s a list of cryptocurrencies compatible with the platform. These include bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, and a handful of other mainstream coins. So, unless you’re an exotic token collector, you’d be sure to see an option you like.

Once completed, you’d get an email with a redemption code for the Bitrefill card you just purchased. Use it as you would with a regular gift card.

There’s also a Bitrefill app you can download and use on the go. However, the interface on the web platform is significantly better. 

Other Things to Note

  • Once in a while, you’ll get a minor discrepancy between the amount of crypto you put in and the Bitrefill gift card amount you actually get. 

This is part of the company’s risk management protocol against fluctuations. If this happens and you don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of the exchange, go ahead and wait a while until the prices settle.

  • If you’re buying a Bitrefill gift card from a different region using a currency of your own, it may be only available in the region of the currency it has. 

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