Statement on price of Gram tokens

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In response to media questions on the pricing of the Gram token which was recently announced on our website, we would add the following information.

At Liquid, we provide price disclosures for token sale participants who wish to make informed decisions about their token purchases. For the Gram Token Sale, the tokens are provided by the seller, Gram Asia. On Gram Asia's guidance, the price has been set at 4 USD. A rebate for Liquid Qash holders, of up to 12.5%, can bring that cost down to effectively 3.50 USD.

It is widely known that prices of Gram tokens in the two private sale rounds were priced up to 1.33 USD. It should however be noted that these private rounds were completed more than one year ago. Furthermore, the investments were made by entities putting up large amounts of capital and shouldering the majority of first-round, early-investment risk, which was priced into the tokens in those earlier rounds. Significant progress has been made since that time with the TON testnet already in deployment, a TON Labs partnership announcement with Wirecard and Mainnet expected in October. In addition, the circulating supply of Gram tokens, which will start at 640 million after Mainnet launch, will also impact the token price. The Gram token offering via Liquid is therefore a unique opportunity for the public to participate in this project ahead of the game in a limited global offering.

There are varying opinions on what is an appropriate price for the Gram tokens on offer at There is very little guidance available. Commentators have differences in research methodologies. We are happy to see the vigorous market discussions taking place in all of the crypto market communities in response to this exciting offering. But as an exchange platform, our role is to facilitate a safe and secure participation process in the Gram Token Sale for willing and informed purchasers. The price has been set by our partner Gram Asia for which they take full responsibility as sellers in this sale.

All interested participants in the Gram Token Sale are required to carry out their own due diligence. Research and commentary on the Gram Token Sale has been published widely, including but not limited to the following resources which we include below on a without responsibility, non-attributable and not endorsed basis:

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