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    New listing: XENO (XNO) token

    XENO is an easily accessible marketplace and ecosystem for creating and trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in a secure and decentralized manner.

    New listing: LPT token

    We’re excited to announce that Livepeer is listing its native token LPT on Liquid exchange with LPT/BTC trading pair.

    New listing: MARX token

    MarX is a Korean-based project, and it aims to capture the market of NFT and DeFi, which is now fiercely expanding.

    New listing: NDAU token

    NDAU, a new category of digital asset optimized for a long-term store of value with staking income, is listing its native $NDAU token on Liquid. 

    MVL token is available to trade on Liquid

    MVL Foundation, the company behind the blockchain-based ride-hailing app Tada, is listing its native $MVL coin on Liquid.

    GATE token deposits are now live

    We are excited to announce that GATENet, the GSX Group led initiative, is soon listing its GATE token on Liquid. Deposits are now open!