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    Buy cryptocurrency with MasterCard - now on Liquid

    We are thrilled to announce we've added the MasterCard option to our BUY feature.

    Trade SpiderDAO (SPDR) on Liquid Exchange

    The SPDR token is being launched in two trading pairs, SPDR/USDT and SPDR/BTC.

    Enjoy New Competitive Trade Fees on Liquid

    We are excited to announce that Liquid is lowering maker fees, with FREE TRADING up to USD 10,000.

    How to buy XinFin (XDC) on Liquid exchange

    XinFin Network, an enterprise-ready hybrid Blockchain Network optimized for international trade and finance.

    こんにちは, GYEN. Liquid welcomes digital Japanese yen, the world’s safe haven currency.

    Liquid offers seamless conversion of GYEN and JPY by offering a GYEN/JPY Order Book, allowing instant conversion 24/7.

    VIDY and VIDYX tokens soon premiering on Liquid

    Vidy is a web technology company that allows websites to embed videos into lines of text, creating more inventory space and engagement opportunities for users.