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    QASH Update Blog 01/2021(updated)

    The transformation from QASH token to Liquid token (LQT) and Liquid Chain: Liquid by Quoine’s Ambition to Develop Next-Gen Financial Services.

    La plataforma de intercambio Liquid ya está disponible en español

    Liquid ya está disponible en español. Invita a tus amigos y gana el 50 % de las comisiones de sus tarifas de transacción.

    Liquid - B2C2 Settlement notice

    Liquid is pleased to announce that Quoine Pte. Ltd. has reached an amicable settlement with B2C2 Ltd in connection with an ongoing dispute.

    XSGD tutorial: Transfer XSGD from Xfers to your Liquid wallet

    How to transfer money to Xfers using your Singapore bank account, change to XSGD, and move XSGD to your Liquid account and finally start trading!

    QASH is now available for purchase on Amon Wallet

    We are happy to announce that the Amon Wallet listed our QASH token.

    Earn rewards on your crypto holdings - soon premiering on Liquid

    We invite you to join our early access list to be the first to know when Liquid Earn launches and a chance to win 100 USD.