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Announcements (6)

December 30, 2020

Liquid - B2C2 Settlement notice

Liquid is pleased to announce that Quoine Pte. Ltd. (our Singapore-based group company) has reached an amicable settlement with B2C2 Ltd in connection with an ongoing dispute.  The dispute involved...
December 29, 2020

XSGD Tutorial: Transfer XSGD From StraitsX to Your Liquid Wallet

Liquid just recently listedXSGD stablecoin to better serve our Singapore trading community. Today we would like to...
December 28, 2020

QASH is now available for purchase on Amon Wallet

We are happy to announce that the Amon Wallet listed our QASH token after the initial listing of the AMN token on...
November 18, 2020
November 17, 2020

Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) November Software Upgrade

Bitcoin Vault is preparing itself for a software upgrade (that requires a hard fork) making it compatible with the...
November 10, 2020

Liquid Collaborates with Hacken to Ensure the Highest Level of Digital Asset Security

Cryptocurrency platform Liquid appoints cybersecurity consulting company Hacken to strengthen the exchange’s security...