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    Learn the basics of blockchain and the inner workings of cryptocurrency.

    Could Facebook’s Libra be the catalyst for a blockchain revolution?

    A tech giant launching its own form of money? The prospect seemed momentous, with the potential to truly disrupt finance as we know it.

    How to invest in blockchain

    “Blockchain” is a buzzword in many circles. You’ve probably heard about blockchain and been told it can be profitable. Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to invest in blockchain and be a part of it.

    What is Dai?

    Dai is an ERC-20 decentralized stablecoin created by Maker, a company with a strong background in the Ethereum community.

    Ripple signs deal with Moneygram to push XRP adoption

    Crypto company Ripple this week announced a large investment in MoneyGram, a payment processor that rivals Western Union.

    Facebook is launching its own cryptocurrency – here's what we know so far

    Facebook has confirmed that its crypto project Libra (also known as Globalcoin) will be available to users on platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

    A Bitcoin Halvening is coming – what will happen?

    A bitcoin halvening is an event that happens every four years when the rewards given to Bitcoin miners for validating transactions are reduced by 50%.

    What is liquidity?

    Liquidity has been a key focus for cryptocurrency exchanges for years. But what exactly does the term mean and why is it so important for the efficiency and stability of markets?

    Bitcoin explained

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, but it’s also much more than that. In this blog, we look at Bitcoin explained.

    An introduction to crypto tokenomics

    What are tokenomics and token metrics in crypto?

    What are airdrops?

    Airdrops are a common way of discovering new cryptocurrency projects and getting free tokens.

    What gives cryptocurrencies value?

    There are a number of factors to consider in understanding what gives a cryptocurrency value.