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    Introducing Clear Markets, a regulated marketplace for swap contracts

    The Clear Markets Crypto Derivatives Credit Risk Mitigation System is an exceptional use of blockchain technology. This clever innovation reduces the risk of crypto derivatives trading, which is expanding rapidly across the globe

    Introducing nahmii, a next-level scaling solution

    nahmii is an Ethereum-based scaling and interoperability protocol built by hubii, a Norwegian startup that started life as a successful content aggregator.

    Wollo token now live for trading on Liquid

    WLO is now live for trading on Liquid.

    GUSD and USDC stablecoins now live for trading on Liquid

    The Gemini dollar and USD Coin are now available for trading on Liquid.

    Liquid to list Gemini dollar, a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency

    Liquid crypto exchange is proud to announce the listing of the Gemini dollar (GUSD) stablecoin.

    Liquid to list USDC stablecoin

    Liquid crypto exchange to list USD Coin.