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December 10, 2018

When Will the Bulls Return? Bitcoin Continues Slide to Test 15-Month Low

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) slid further this past week but continues tentatively drawing in short-term bulls looking to play the bounce off oversold levels (as seen on the weekly and daily chart) and support...
December 10, 2018

Crypto Roundup: Ethereum Hard Fork Looms, Bitcoin Cash Wars Intensify, Justin Sun Lures Devs

A roundup of interesting news items from across the crypto space.
December 8, 2018

BTC Forming Lower Highs and Lower Lows, But Opportunities Remain

Last week, we looked at how Bitcoin was repeatedly tested the USD3,600 support level before making a 20% move upward to...
December 3, 2018

Bitcoin daily MACD positively crossing, but sustainable bounce some way off

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) halted a two-week plunge this past week, tentatively drawing in short term bulls looking to play the...
December 3, 2018

Crypto roundup: Consensus Invest gives hope that better times lie ahead

Last week, Coindesk hosted the annual Consensus Invest event, focusing on highlighting key trends and developments in...