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    Industry insights and expert analysis from the Liquid team.

    AnimalGo - the ultimate blockchain pet ecosystem

    AnimalGo is a new blockchain based pet application that uses technology to make you the best pet owner you can be.

    Saga: currency for the global citizen

    Global citizens need a global currency. Enter Saga - frictionless, stabilised, democratic, and coming soon to Liquid.

    COINCOME - the blockchain cashback solution

    COINCOME uses blockchain to bring new life to the eCommerce rewards industry with an ecosystem for better rewards and improved cashback tracking.

    Is Metacoin the new cryptocurrency meta?

    Metacoin (MTC), the world’s first hyperledger-based token, is now live for trading on Liquid.

    These blockchain animals could be the next pig thing in crypto

    Move over Cryptokitties. There’s a new pig on the block. Crypt-Oink is a fun new dapp that gives players ownership of mysterious pig-like creatures that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

    The Satoshi power struggle: who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

    One of the most controversial topics in crypto is the “Satoshi power struggle”. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Will we ever know for sure? Let's find out.

    With BNC Pro, Liquid traders can outsmart the markets

    BNC Pro is a hub comprising news, data, research and analytics. No more trawling the web to find scattered, unreliable information.

    Anchor Beyond Trading: Not Your Average Stablecoin

    Anchor (ANCT) is a stablecoin with a unique proposition: a token that uses the global economy for price stability and protection against market volatility.

    Project Hydro could bring a new wave of crypto adoption

    Hydro is a global decentralized community of developers building accessible applications for financial services like lending, P2P payments and savings.

    BNC Pro: advanced crypto asset management for anyone

    BNC Pro can help any trader operate like a season pro with a powerful suite of applications that puts everything you need to succeed in one place.

    Liquid Picks: Projects to watch out for this month

    For Liquid Picks, we give you a roundup of upcoming crypto projects to watch out for on Liquid. We provide all the information you need to make smart decisions.