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    Industry insights and expert analysis from the Liquid team.

    Crypto accounting: FIFO vs LIFO

    As a crypto trader, keeping accurate profit and loss records is extremely important. The two most commonly used forms of accounting are FIFO and LIFO – but which is best?

    Bitcoin and Ethereum provide a few sparks

    Bitcoin had an up-and-down week while Ethereum wiped out most of the week's gains with a retracement.

    Crypto roundup: regulation in the spotlight

    Regulatory clarity helps foster mass adoption and legitimization of cryptocurrency as whole. In this week's news roundup, we look at some of the latest regulatory developments that have made the headlines recently.

    Bitcoin twinge sends wobble through the crypto market

    Crypto market analysis looking at price action on big market cap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP.

    Are we on the verge of the first cashless societies?

    Cashless society could be a reality soon and digital currencies like crypto will be at the forefront of this revolution.

    Bitcoin for beginners

    What is Bitcoin, why was it created and how does it work?

    Bitcoin creeps up to 3,900 USD after meandering week

    Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP had topsy turvy weeks, with plenty of price action across the crypto market.

    Taking crowdfunding a step forward

    Crowdfunding is great for bringing new products to fruition, but the current model is flawed. Creating a successful crowdfunding campaign is more appealing than delivering the final product. Pledgecamp is here to bring power back to the project backers and rejuvenate crowdfunding.

    Crypto roundup: Thailand takes on token sales, Facebook eyes crypto, Putin ponders regulation

    In crypto news this past week, the Thai government and Vladimir Putin took a hard look at rules and regulations, while Facebook's top secret crypto platform caused a stir.

    Ethereum attempts to stabilize after smooth hard fork

    In our analysis of the crypto markets, we look at how Ethereum (ETH) has fared after the recent hard fork and examine if there's any short-term hope in store for Bitcoin bulls.

    Bitcoin and Ethereum steady after early-week swings

    The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum kept traders on their toes this past week, with some wild swings, stop hunts and sideways movement.