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    Liquid Pro Now Available in Korean Language

    Liquid Pro Mobile App is now available in Korean language! Liquid Pro brings the speed, security, and ease of Liquid’s trading platform to your mobile

    Walkthrough: crypto margin trading risk strategy

    To make more money, you have to protect the money you already have. It takes practice to put emotions aside and to trade with ruthless focus. Try this.

    Fully automate your trading experience with no-touch withdrawals

    We have implemented no-touch withdrawals via API so our customers can create fully automated trading systems. Learn more about this change.

    How Quick Exchange caters to crypto’s new wave

    To complement our recent developments, we have also built Quick Exchange – perfect for newer users, first-time buyers or anyone who wants to quickly and easily swap one crypto for another.

    What is a Bitcoin ETF?

    At present, cryptocurrency ETFs, specifically Bitcoin ETFs, are highly anticipated. Read on to find out why.

    How to use the On-Balance Volume indicator in cryptocurrency trading

    Here, we’ll talk about how to use the On-Balance Volume (OBV) indicator to spot periods of “smart money accumulation” and divergence.

    How to identify breakouts and fakeouts when cryptocurrency trading

    In this article we will look at how to use the volume indicator to identify breakouts versus fakeouts when trading crypto.

    How to use the volume indicator when trading cryptocurrency

    Volume is the amount of crypto assets traded during a specific time frame, and is typically represented on a chart by red and green vertical bars.

    How to choose the correct leverage for your crypto trading timeframe

    Leverage factor and trading timeframe should be inversely correlated when margin trading. For example, a scalper using 1-minute or 5-minute charts may choose to use 10x or even 25x leverage, while a swing trader may go for a more conservative 2x or 4x leverage.

    How to manage risk as a cryptocurrency trader

    Without the necessary knowledge about how to manage risk, there is a very good chance you will experience significant losses when trading crypto. In this post, we’ll go over a few basic risk management techniques that you can apply to your own strategy.

    Manage risk with stop loss orders when margin trading

    A stop loss order automatically executes a market buy or market sell when a specific price is reached. It’s an extremely useful tool for maintaining a predictable level of risk when margin trading.