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Listings (17)

August 13, 2020

New Listing: Chainlink (LINK) Token

Chainlink (LINK), currently the #6 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, is the latest token to be listed on Liquid Exchange. Chainlink addresses an issue known as the “oracle problem.” The oracle problem...
June 22, 2020

New Listings: Amun's Leveraged Tokens

We’re excited to announce that Liquid will be listing Amun’s first leveraged tokens — Bitcoin 3x Daily Long (BTC3L), 3x...
June 9, 2020

The Applications of the IDRT Pair on Liquid is Beyond Trading

There are many exciting uses for Liquid’s direct IDRT pair that go beyond mere spot trading.  
June 4, 2020

New Listings: Reserve (RSV) and Reserve Rights (RSR) Tokens

We’re excited to announce that Reserve will be listing both the Reserve Rights (RSR) token and the Reserve stablecoin...
May 22, 2020

New Listing: Paycoin ($PCI)

Greetings from the Paycoin team!