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    All the latest Liquid platform updates, including new features, campaigns, listings and more.

    Happy birthday Liquid: celebrating 1 year

    Today is a special day in the history of our company as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Liquid launch.

    How we connect our customers with great projects at Liquid: Mike’s Monthly Message

    At Liquid, our goal is to provide our customers with the best trading environment we can. This is how we work towards that goal with everything we do.

    Liquid Pro Product Update 1.1.12

    We are pleased to release version 1.1.12 of the Liquid Pro App.
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    Introducing Liquid Tap: our new WebSocket service for streaming real-time data

    Liquid Tap represents the future of real-time data distribution at Liquid, and is intended to be a “drop-in” replacement for the existing hosted service.

    Proceeds from Gram Token Sale in public blockchain wallet

    Following completion of the Gram Token Sale, we are pleased to announce that all participating customer funds from the sale on Liquid are stored in a publicly verifiable, segregated blockchain wallet.
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    Updates to our cold wallet storage policy

    Behind the scenes at Liquid, we have been gradually rolling out Multi-Party Computing (MPC) technology to improve service levels without compromising the security of our clients’ digital assets.

    Connect Liquid to BitUniverse for portfolio tracking and bot trading

    We have teamed up with BitUniverse to integrate the Liquid API into their service. Begin portfolio tracking and automated trading today.
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    Win big with our RFOX trading contest

    This is your chance to win big and all you have to do is trade. RedFOX Labs, is hosting a trading competition right here on Liquid, beginning on August 19.
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    Staying in focus: Liquid technology update part 1

    At Liquid we are always busy. There’s so much work that we do that our community may not be aware of. So today, we begin to share some new insights.

    Liquid is now on Crypto Pro

    We are excited to announce that Liquid is now fully integrated with the Crypto Pro app.
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    Who will keep your crypto funds safe? Mike's Monthly Message

    In this month's message, I run through Liquid security and it's importance, before updating on everything that happened in July at Liquid.