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    All the latest Liquid platform updates, including new features, campaigns, listings and more.

    Fast Bitcoin deposits are now even faster on Liquid

    Fast Bitcoin deposits are now even faster on Liquid.

    How Quick Exchange caters to crypto’s new wave

    To complement our recent developments, we have also built Quick Exchange – perfect for newer users, first-time buyers or anyone who wants to quickly and easily swap one crypto for another.

    Isolated Margin now available on Liquid

    Liquid has now introduced isolated margin, providing traders the opportunity to choose the margin type that suits them on a trade-by-trade basis.

    Guide to finding reliable sources of information about crypto

    From blogs to podcasts to compelling Twitter personalities, you’ll be sure to find some helpful crypto resources here.

    Find the best cryptocurrency trading app for you: Introducing Liquid Pro

    A cryptocurrency trading app has to meets your needs, otherwise there is no point in using it. That's why we have built our app specifically for professional traders. Never miss a trade again. Margin trade, carry out charting, keep track of your positions and much more from straight your phone.

    Never miss another trade: the Liquid Pro app is here

    Introducing Liquid Pro - the official mobile app of Liquid.com. Make your trades anywhere, anytime with the feature-packed Liquid Pro app.