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    Become a better crypto trader with our easy-to-understand tips, tricks and walkthroughs.

    Competitions and Giveaways

    Competitions and Giveaways on Liquid.com. Trading competitions, deposit bonuses, social competitions and more.
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    How to withdraw KLAY from Upbit and deposit on Liquid

    A step by step guide that explains how to withdraw KLAY tokens from Upbit and deposit on Liquid cryptocurrency exchange.

    What is IOTA?

    IOTA is an open source distributed ledger designed to power the Internet of Things with feeless transactions and a highly scalable network.

    Liquid is now fully integrated with Hummingbot

    Hummingbot is an open-source client that facilitates the construction and operation of high-frequency crypto trading bots to be used on multiple crypto exchanges.

    Liquid and Quadency join forces to empower traders

    We are pleased to announce that Liquid has officially partnered with Quadency. As a Liquid user you can now connect your account to Quadency and make the most of their services.

    How to find cryptocurrency trading signals

    Here’s our guide on how to uncover and use the most effective cryptocurrency trading signals, right now.
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    Liquid hosting Digital Asset Custody event with industry leaders

    On Tuesday 4th February we are hosting the inaugural education event between Liquid and Unbound Tech. In this exclusive seminar you will hear from experts on the big questions concerning customer safety and security of digital currencies both in Japan and worldwide.

    Electroneum trading contest: win 10,000 USDe

    We've teamed up with Electroneum to host an exclusive ETN trading competition on Liquid. Start trading to win big prizes.
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    Walkthrough: crypto margin trading risk strategy

    To make more money, you have to protect the money you already have. It takes practice to put emotions aside and to trade with ruthless focus. Try this.
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    What is a crypto trading bot?

    A crypto trading bot is an advanced crypto trading tool that can take the weight off your shoulders and make a trader’s life much easier.
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    What are perpetual swaps and CFDs?

    Two terms you may come across in crypto trading: contract for difference (CFDs) and perpetual swaps. But what are they and should you be trading them?
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