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    How to develop a crypto investment thesis

    If you've invested money in crypto, it might be time to look at developing a crypto investment thesis. In this blog, we'll guide you through exactly what an investment thesis is and how you can use one to support your crypto endeavours.

    Understanding Bitcoin’s market cycles

    Markets are governed by market cycles. Analyzing the price movement of Bitcoin over the last decade offers powerful insights into how the cryptocurrency market has evolved to where it is today.

    What to do when the crypto markets crash

    It’s every crypto trader's worst fear: the market is crashing. There's blood in the streets. Everyone is panicking. What should you do?

    Your complete guide to finding reliable sources of information about crypto

    From blogs to podcasts to compelling Twitter personalities, you’ll be sure to find some helpful crypto resources here.

    When to sell your crypto and the importance of setting targets

    Crypto is volatile. As a trader, you need to learn when to sell a cryptocurrency and how to set targets.

    Seizing the Bitcoin opportunity

    Bitcoin has shot up 50% in the last 30 days. Whether you are an awakened bull or a skeptical bear, Bitcoin is presenting you some killer opportunities.

    Top 10 tips to survive and thrive in a bull market

    It’s surprisingly easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when prices are trending upwards. There are a few risks and pitfalls you should be looking out in a crypto bull market.

    Using the Ichimoku cloud for crypto trading signals

    The Ichimoku cloud is a trading indicator that helps discern market trends. At first glance it can appear intimidating – but once you understand what the different parts are showing, it’s a great snapshot of what's happening in the market.

    Find the best cryptocurrency trading app for you: Introducing Liquid Pro

    A cryptocurrency trading app has to meets your needs, otherwise there is no point in using it. That's why we have built our app specifically for professional traders. Never miss a trade again. Margin trade, carry out charting, keep track of your positions and much more from straight your phone.