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    Meet Bridget Greenwood - Pioneer. Advisor. Women's advocate

    Sit down and grab a slice with Bridget Greenwood. The Bigger Pie founder. Get support in blockchain from Bridget Greenwood. Web3 software - Mastermind CTO.

    Meet Lasbery Oludimu - Director. Legal Advisor. Regulator

    Learn a legal thing or two with Lasbery Oludimu at Liquid. Yellow Card Financial Director. Discuss the legality of cryptocurrency with Lasbery Oludimu.

    Meet Minutes Leung - Wellness influencer. Philosopher. NFT expert

    Catch a breath of fresh air with Minutes Leung on Liquid. Founder of Arch and Ray of Aura. Improve your wellness and NFT knowledge with Minutes Leung.

    Meet Emily Rose - Leader, Connector, Problem-solver

    Get to know Emily Rose on Liquid. Polygen Chief Marketing Officer. Hear about interesting projects on Polygen. Get pointers on crypto from Emily Rose.

    Meet Anastasia D. - Creator. Director. Community Leader

    Catch Anastasia D. on Liquid. Creative Director at Cointelegraph. Stay in touch with the latest crypto news, tips and content with Anastasia.

    Meet Victoria Krapivina - Communicator. Thinker. Content Leader

    Stop by Liquid for a conversation with Victoria Krapivina. Head of Marketing at Liquid. Content leader in crypto. Victoria Krapavina at Icorating.com.